Saturday, November 10, 2012

Inexpensive Dupe For Maybelline Color Tattoo Barely Beige

Hey everyone,
So as some of you know Maybelline made some limited edition color tattoo's that were for the fall season. They produced Mossy Green, Rich Mahogany, Gold Shimmer and Barely Beige. If you spotted these and got your hands on them consider yourself lucky! Unfortunately, as of right now there has been no word if any of these shades will be released into their permanent collection. Everyone is obviously hoping for the barely beige to make its permanent appearance. I spotted this goregous color at my local drugstore but thought to myself eh itll be there when I come back here....boy was I wrong...they sold out in a snap. Soooo I never got my hands on it. But everyone says its a dupe for MAC's paint pot in Bare Study...too bad those are like $20. Twenty bucks I don't want to spend. But onto the explanation of this color and its dupe.

Barely beige is light beige color with some shimmer and is considered lighter than a champagne color. Many people choose to use this color as a base for under eye shadow.

Personally I have not seen any cream eye shadow color that even resembles this color until NOW!

The answer is Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadows in Glammy Goes To....
The consistency isn't as creamy as the color tattoo's but it definitely warms up when applied with fingers and applies evenly and beautifully to the eyelid. Its a build-able color so if you want a darker beige bronze just apply a little more. In addition its only $3.99! I wore it all day with no creasing, stayed in place all day and looked the same later in the day as when I first applied it. Another pro is it is easier to remove than the color tattoo's.

To see swatches of the Barely Beige please refer to

Overall a great product and inexpensive dupe for the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige!
Let me know if you have found any good dupes!


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