Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Magic of Body Butters

Hello beauty lovers,

I have been seeing and reading about body butters for summer and I didn't understand all the hype. I figured whats so great about a thick cream that works the same as lotion? In the past I have received some body butters from people for a birthday gift or if someone didn't like the smell I would inherit them, so I have a few to pick and choose from. Today I decided let me choose one I think would have a great smell for summer and give it a try. Once I got out of the shower, I reached for my Coconut & Lime body butter since it smelled delicious but I figured it was going to be the same as applying my lotion. BOY was I wrong! This stuff was AHMAZING! I can't get enough of the amazing smell, the smooth feeling it gives to your skin, and not to mention the insane moisture they provide. They are thicker creams allowing your skin to absorb and lock in all that moisture making your body look hydrated, fresh, and baby butt smooth. After I applied it, it went on super smooth, soaked in, smelled wonderful, and made my skin silky smooth, I instantly saw a difference.

Now keep in mind, if you have tried a body butter before..not all are made the same and have the same quality! Some good ones I have heard of are from the body shop and have various smells so definitely check those out!

My body butter: Coconut & Lime by the International Tolietry Co. in the Caribbean Collection...here's a link to a website I found that carries this brand. http://www.somerset-distribution.com/shop/index.php/somerset_us/our-brands/international-toiletry-co/caribbean-collection.html/

Hope you all enjoy!

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