Monday, July 30, 2012

LA Colors 16 Palette

Hello beauty lovers,
I just wanted to write this post about the two new palettes I recently purchased. The two palettes are the LA Colors Star Craze 16 eyeshadow palette in BOA and CHI. This post will focus more on the swatches and pigmentation of the palette!

Aren't these palettes super cute! They remind me of little leggo's! Definitely takes me back to my childhood filled with leggo construction and building blocks haha!


Swatches from the top row, left to right

 Swatches from bottom row, left to right

Swatches from top row, left to right

Swatches from bottom row, left to right

After swatching all these eyeshadows, the colors you see when you first open the palettes, do not always match the colors you swatch. There is a fine layer on top of each eyeshadow that rubs off after one use and reveals the true color of the eyeshadow. In addition, most of these eyeshadows are shimmery; therefore, if you are looking for matte, I wouldn't suggest this for you....maybe once the layer rubs off more there will reveal matte colors? I love that there are a variety of colors that range from very light to dark providing one with various options for creating stunning eye looks.

One of the best things about these palettes are they only cost $2.99! What?! Thats unheard of....yes I will repeat that....ONLY $2.99!! In addition, the shipping rate is spectacular! Where did I purchase these you ask, well here is the link to the website: The specific link to the palettes are

I hope this helps in your search for fun colored eyeshadows!


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