Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

Hello my beauty babes, :)
I have been using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation for at least 2 weeks now and I figured I would write a review!

First off I would like to say I am in the color nude 40 and it matches my skin perfectly. I would suggest if you are having trouble finding your color and not sure about it go to Ulta and have them help you. I say this because you can returned opened and used foundations at Ulta. Yes you might spend an extra dollar or two but isn't it worth finding your exact shade?

Onto the review (pro's): The formula is creamy, lightweight, and hydrating. I have very dry skin and other foundations I have tried have left my face feeling tight, irritated, and accentuates my dry patches. Neutrogena healthy skin gives me a healthy glow on my face or a dewy finish. This is great for all my dry skin ladies out there. I would say that combination skin could wear this foundation too just set it with a powder or finishing spray. In addition, there are a variety of shades, 12 to be exact; therefore, any girl could find the right match for them! Another great plus is that it is drugstore so the price isn't outrageous. Using a little bit of this foundation goes a long way because it blends beautifully and I would say it is light to medium coverage but I think if you let it soak in for a bit you could add more layers to build up the coverage. In discussing the coverage, using a foundation with a light to medium coverage allows your natural skin to shine through, making it appear like you have no foundation on which is essentially the goal. NATURAL LOOK. Unless you love the cake face....(say what)! Girls use your foundation sparingly, the point of foundation is not to completely cover pimples, that's what concealer is for. Foundation helps gives your skin an even tone and appearance. Another great aspect is that this foundation does not oxidize over time, at least on my skin it hasn't.

Con's: If you don't use a setting powder or spray it does transfer a little, this means if you touch your skin with your finger or a shirt it will leave a little of the color on there. The coverage may not be exactly what one is looking for, some people go for very full coverage.

Who I would recommend this for: Very dry to combination skin. Avoid if you have oily skin not the finish you want.

My Story: At first when I tried this, it made my pimples worse and I thought it was actually causing my breakouts. However, after my face got use to using this product it has not caused me anymore breakouts. If you are having a problem with foundation in the sense that you think it is causing breakouts, try using a primer this acts as a barrier to your skin.

Hope this helped!

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