Friday, October 5, 2012

New Products Coming To Sigma

Hey everyone,
I recently received an email updating me about some new products Sigma has released AND some products that will be coming soon.

Sigma is an innovative company that strives to make quality products. Some of the products that Sigma makes includes eye shadows, eyebrow kits, makeup brushes, and eye shadow palettes. In addition, since sigma has been only available online, the company has decided to create a retail store in the Mall of America! This allows you to play around with their products before buying and hey there's no cost for shipping!

Some new products that are headed your way are:
1. Eye shadow base kits (3 bases in one box)
2. Individual eye shadows
3. Some of the products from the eyebrow kit will now be sold separately. These include: the brow pencil, the highlighting pencil, the brow gel and the brow shadows.

Dont forget holiday season is right around the corner so definitely check their products out!

Heres the link to buy their products:

Happy shopping!

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