Friday, June 29, 2012

Matte Nails

Most people love the high gloss look of nails but I have been drawn to the matte nail look. Ive tried nails polishes that state they are matte, and they might remain matte for about a day or two but I have never found a matte polish that stays matte and lasts a long time....until NOW!

The best matte top coat I have found is "Essie Matte About You"! It works over any color nail polish which allows it to be very versatile and usable for multiple people. It is a little expensive at about 8$ depending on where it is purchased. Can be bought at Ulta or on their website. In addition, I bought mine on amazon for $7.90 (which included shipping + tax). Seems a little expensive for a top coat; however, it will last you a very long time! You only need one thin coat and you will see instant results.

In this picture, I put it over black and I left the tips glossy: (CLICK PIC TO ENLARGE)

Overall, I would definitely suggest this product if you want those unusual, fun, matte nails!



  1. I bought a matt varnish but didnt get on with it (infact I gave it away on my blog!) but i really like this design with half glossy half matt! wish I kept it now lol

    1. Aw well you can always buy another one ;) I think it will also be great for winter over those darker shades!