Sunday, February 26, 2012

Periwinkle Perfection: Eye Makeup Remover

Since this is the best place to rant and rave about beauty products, I thought I would share my newest find. As I was using up the last of my L'Oreal Clean Artiste Eye Makeup Remover, I began remembering some research I did for eye make up removers. I have sensitive eyes and the skin around my eyes is very sensitive as well. In addition, I wear waterproof mascara and on a night when I hit the town I like to use an array of eye-shadows and eyeliners. I remembered one of the beauty guru's mentioning their holy grail eye makeup remover and decided to give it a try. I ventured to Target because I knew this was the only place where I could find this "hyped-up" product. I stared at the Sonia Kashuk display and found the eye makeup remover...wondering if it was worth the $9.99. I decided to take the chance on the periwinkle eye makeup remover and made my purchase. I came home to immediately put this product to the test.

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The formula is a periwinkle-purple color with a floating cream on the top that you are suppose to gently mix up before using. I put it on a cotton ball and with one swipe it took off 90% of my difficult eye makeup without burning or rubbing raw my under eye and eyelid skin. It was creamy, gentle, cooling, and refreshing, I knew right then it was going to be amazing. I typically need about 2-3 cotton balls per eye when I use to remove my makeup but with this now holy grail product, I needed one. It's definitely worth the $9.99 especially because you get 4.0 oz and saves you cotton swabs. I recommend this product for everyone who wears eye makeup and have sensitive eyes/skin around the eyes because you will be amazed.

~ Claire

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