Monday, January 23, 2012

The Power of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There has been many reviews regarding EVOO and its multipurpose uses. The one in particular that sparked my interest was using EVOO as a facial moisturizer. According the research the molecules in EVOO are too large to get clogged in one's pores; therefore, the oil gets absorbed but doesn't clog. In addition, many people have experienced a "purging" period where the skin breaks out to get all the toxins out of the skin but if continual use occurs it will clear up and reveal even healthier more radiant skin. I was intrigued at the power of EVOO so i decided to give it a try. I used it as a facial moisturizer last night. Here were my steps: 1. Removed my makeup 2. Washed my face with a cleanser 3. Applied a toner 4. Applied less than a dime size amount of EVOO. I would recommend if you are going to try EVOO use it at night because your face will look greasy; however, overnight it will soak into your skin. If you are really worried about excess oil you can apply it, let it soak in for a bit then wipe away with a warm wash cloth.

I decided to jump in to the trend head first. My face didn't have that tight feeling it sometimes gets after washing. In addition, I prepared myself by thinking I would be one to suffer through the purging stage. Woke up in the morning to no addition pimples and the ones i did have were not as red! So far so good right? This was only the first day of testing but I plan to continue this routine to see its full effects; whether, good or bad. I will update as time goes on :)

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