Monday, September 17, 2012

Beauty Tips & Tricks

Hello hello,
I recently discovered some awesome beauty tips and tricks that I thought some of you would be interested in!  These beauty tips & tricks vary from tips in hair, nails, and skin care. Hope y'all enjoy!

1. After painting your nails, immerse your nails in ice water for as long as possible but try for 3 minutes. This will harden your polish, help remove the excess polish you may have gotten on your skin, and help from chipping.

2. Use a wide tooth comb to prevent split ends after you get out of the shower.

3. Use lotion around the finger nails when painting your finger nails to prevent getting it on the skin. If you use the lotion and you get some nail polish on the skin, its so easy to just wipe it away!

4. Use a mixture of lemon juice and water to help lighten your hair, to help develop the color all you need is SUN!

5. Apply vaseline on the lashes at night of course after you get all your eye makeup off to help thicken, soften, and lenghten your lashes.

6. Apply vaseline to the eyebrow and eyebrow area when you want to pluck your eyebrows in order to ease the process because it softens the hair!

7. Use a dryer sheet to help tame static and frizz in your hair. (mmmm bounce!)

8. Use cool cucumbers over the eyes to help reduce puffiness

9. Don't cake on your foundation because that's what concealer is for ladies!

10. Use a rubberband to get the perfect french tip on your nails.

11. Spray perfume on your hair brush and run it through your hair because the perfume will last longer on the hair than on the skin.

12. Spray hairspray on the eyebrow brush instead of clear mascara to help tame your eyebrows and keep them in place!

13. Use conditioner to shave your legs instead of soap to help prevent razor burn and help moisturize.

14. Use concealer around the eyebrows and lips to have crisp lines and help prevent feathering.

15. If you ran out of dry shampoo you can use a little baby powder to help decrease the greasiness and smelliness of your hair, just be sure to rub in well and brush through so you don't have a grey cast to your hair.

16. If you have hair spray or dry shampoo store them upside down, you will get more out of the bottle

I hope this helped and if you guys have any tips and tricks definitely let me know cause I'm always interested!


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